Mike Madrid & Gabriel García

Cup of Couple are Mike Madrid, photographer and graphic designer, and Gabriel García, publicist and also graphic designer. One day between cups of tea and fashion magazines they decided to create Cup of Couple, a small window to show the world what they do and like. Nowadays you could say Cup of Couple is half diary and half portfolio. Mike and Gabriel share their experiences, journeys, looks and work and they try to give their images and videos the leading role. Thanks to Cup of Couple Mike and Gabriel can now say they are video makers too and they love it! For them Cup of Couple is more than a blog, it’s a part of who they are – a love for fashion that’s become a way of life.

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Shini is a graphic design student, webdesigner and fashion blogger living in London with a great photographic eye and an admirable insight in the fashion business. She is an innovative diy stylista, and all around inspirational and lovely person. Through her wonderfully vivid and sometimes comical posts, she brings us into her daily adventures, and gives us snippets of her taste, keen eye, and well–rounded creativity.

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Mariana Soares Branco

Mariana is the 18 year old Portuguese blogger and Med student behind “Miss Tangerine”. The blog is a place where she shares her love for fashion: mainly outfits, some goodies and inspiration boards. Mariana defines her style as being elegant and simple – simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. She tends to wear basic outfits with a twist with lots of color in the summer and none at all in the winter. She almost I almost never accessorizes outfits with more than a few pieces and she has an uncontrollable love for lipstick and shoes. When not blogging Mariana spends her time studying (oh, the perks of being a Med student!), doing gymnastics, she loves anything sports related, and turning old boring clothes into new ones with her old sewing machine.

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Angela Blick

Angelica Blick is a fashionista who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Her passion for fashion has been a constant companion throughout her life and she loves everything involving fashion. Angelica runs one of Sweden’s most successful blogs focusing on fashion where you’ll find today’s outfits, beautiful photos and other trendy updates. She likes to have a lot of projects going on and has already designed a collection named Angelica Blick for NLY Trend. Angelica has won several blog awards both in Sweden and internationally.

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Tesa Jurjasevic

This is Tesa from the fashion blog Magnifique. She is from the small country of Slovenia, and very proud to be a part of the Blogger’s Wardrobe community. When not blogging she loves to sit in her favourite coffee shop, hanging out with friends in the center of the city and observing the people that walk by which can be a great source of inspiration to her. Of course she loves shopping, watching movies, traveling and learning about new, different cultures. She also loves the history of art which is also one of her biggest inspirations.

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M’c Kenneth Licon

In the realm of countless style bloggers, M’c Kenneth Licon stands out with his finely curated personal fashion diary LittleFashionisto. Take it from us, do not under estimate this pint-sized blogger as he hurdles through the challenges of fitting into the fashion industry. Although he often scours kids sections when shopping and often has to do alterations himself, his sophisticated style has caught the eye of many followers and have inspired many — fashion comes in many different sizes, shape and form.

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Adam Gallagher

Adam Gallagher is a 20 year old free spirited Libra from Riverside California living in Los Angeles. With experience in modeling, styling and photography, his dreams of succeeding in the fashion industry are paramount. He’s been blogging since 2009 and holds the number 1 male spot on Lookbook.nu. Loves cats, risk takers, the color burgundy, mac n cheese, chapstick and to inspire and be inspired.

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