Annemiek Kessels

Annemiek is a girl from a small town in the south of The Netherlands and the beauty and brains behind fashion blog Mode D’Amour for almost four years now. She is enormously gifted and with an innovative style, fashion is her biggest passion and she spends most of her time on fashion-related things including the blog. She is also a student at the fashion academy in Amsterdam, studying to become an allround stylist with the ultimate goal to work in the fashion industry and live in Paris.

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Daisy Ricks

Daisy is from Germany with a huge affection for fashion and interior design. The favourite pieces of furniture in her flat are a white quilted lacquer cupboard in the form of a suitcase and her baroque dresser in zebra. She is definitely digging a mixture of baroque and modern elements, especially mirrored things. Daisy’s working in real estates and living with her boyfriend Ninos (he’s also the photographer for her blog) and their two cats. When it comes to fashion she’s absolutely mad about studded things, metallic heels and backless clothes. To get relaxed after a day of shooting for the blog she loves listening to minimal electronic music or chill out, drinking lots of good wine and taking bubble baths in her favourite bath additive – peach fragranced with tiny sparks of glitter.

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Erika Marie

Erika Marie is a Cuban/French/Spanish girl, running the blog Fashion Chalet since 2008 and combining it with photographing and modeling. She started blogging because of an initial passion to share her interests in fashion, music, food, movies and television, and in particular blogging has become an outlet for her to be able to express her love for fashion more in depth. To Erika Marie, clothing isn’t something you just wear, it’s a lifestyle and expression of who you are, and she is inspired by something new every single day.

This cyber-fashionista is sleeping, eating and living fashion in everything she does. Spend some time in her internet-presence and all your inhibitions will fade. Nothing holds her back from megalomanically high heels and together with an always very laidback glam attitude. She enjoys putting her own twist on trends and mixing in unexpected pieces. Her icons are Audrey Hepburn, the Olsens and Olivia Palermo. With over 22 000 followers on bloglovin’ she’s well on her way to being an icon herself.

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Carrie Harwood

Carrie Harwood moved to London from Somerset a few years ago, if you fancy going out vintage hunting or even for a slice of cake, she’s the one for you. She is the girl that always cut off her grandmas long dresses but kept the lace. She sends eerie vibes of a british 50′s countryhouse-lady to her readers, although she is not much of a tea-sipper. This oxymoron has been twisting and shouting on the venue with a cute vintage inspired style for not so long, but has nonetheless collected an impressive mass of readers. WishWishWish contains her personal musings and opinions on things that matter to her, whether that be fashion, style, design, people and places. We look forward to all this and more!

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Stacey Belko

Stacey runs the blog Devore Le Beau Monstre, and she loves mixing soft femme & hard grunge pieces. She likes clothes and whiskey, she loves soft cats and hard drinks, she likes her sandwiches cut diagonally and wishes it were still the 90′s. Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?

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Kate Nutting

Kate is from Brisbane, Australia and runs the fashion blog, Pretty Dresses in the Laundry. PDITL is a culmination of fashion editorials, her personal style, interviews with those working in the fashion industry, her own street style photographs and fashion inspired collages she designs herself. She loves to chronicle her outfits, post by post and fill in her readers on the latest in the fashion industry.

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Lily Melrose

LLYMLRS is a personal style blog written by Lily Melrose, a 20-year-old graphic and media design student from the UK. Staying true to own personal style, and not following the stereotype of a “typical” fashion blogger, she was able to carve her own niche in fashion blogging by writing a relatable, obtainable and realistic blog that appeals to the everyday fashion conscious girl on the street. Her trademark ombré hair adds to her signature look, and her eclectic style makes her the Joan of Arc in the harsh cold of fashion minimalism. Yes she wears black, but in a manner that leaves us craving more! You’ll generally find her on twitter talking about her day and talking about her passion for pro wrestling!

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Olivia Lopez

The blog “Lust for Life” began as a sartorial spreadsheet for then 14-year old Los Angeles muse Olivia Lopez. Inspired by the musical likings of Iggy Pop, travel culture and high street fashion, Lust for Life peeks a glimpse into the Southern Californian’s daily musings, road trips across the U.S., and personal outfit posts. Lopez’s signature style is recognized everywhere from the streets of San Francisco to New York, for combining the versatility of high end, designer pieces with on-trend one of a kind vintage. By senior year the young ingenue has attracted international press by the dozen—appearing in publications as varied as Nylon Japan, Elle China, the London Evening Standard and Grazia Italy. The 18-year-old tastemaker has also developed a diverse portfolio, guest speaking at USC, licensing photos to Zara and Bershka, and consulting for LA’s famous boutique Kitson. An acclaimed “it-girl” by American Gold designer and Spanish Moss owner Suzanne Ford, she has appeared in the French swimsuit line Pain de Sucre campaign shot by Harper’s Bazaar photographer, Sylvie Malfray.

Olivia Lopez is currently a college student balancing her time between styling and modeling for her vintage shop called The Caravan, working as a stylist for Club Monaco and is flown all over the world for her career as a blogger. She is currently signed with Next Models Agency and is a full time college student. Lopez’s blog is a showcase for mixing serious style without compromising substance.

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Danielle Bernstein

Danielle Bernstein is a New York City native, major league thriftier, and true entrepreneur. September 2011 she began photographing street style on campus at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she attends school. The street style blog quickly grew and so did Danielle’s klout throughout the fashion industry. Taking a new direction after Fall New York Fashion Week 11′, WE WORE WHAT began focusing on Danielle’s personal style. “I aim to provide me readers with a daily lookbook of outfit inspiration,” she says, always looking to her followers for support and advice. When not blogging, Danielle is taking advantage of everything the city has to offer. Whether it’s vintage shopping in Brooklyn, trips to the MET, or out and about the nightlife scene, she’s always keeping busy. The fashion blogger has taken leaps towards her career goals the way bargain shoppers do at a sample sale.

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Mike Madrid & Gabriel García

Cup of Couple are Mike Madrid, photographer and graphic designer, and Gabriel García, publicist and also graphic designer. One day between cups of tea and fashion magazines they decided to create Cup of Couple, a small window to show the world what they do and like. Nowadays you could say Cup of Couple is half diary and half portfolio. Mike and Gabriel share their experiences, journeys, looks and work and they try to give their images and videos the leading role. Thanks to Cup of Couple Mike and Gabriel can now say they are video makers too and they love it! For them Cup of Couple is more than a blog, it’s a part of who they are – a love for fashion that’s become a way of life.

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