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Adryana Jade

Adryana Jade

Meet Adryana Jade, a foul-mouthed Mexican girl with an obsession for shoes, hats, handbags and ridiculousness. If fashion and fun were a crime, she’d be an accessory. She is a self-described shopaholic with a penchant for fashion, interior design, embellishments, and high-waisted Spanx. Adryana Jade is a lifestyle marketing guru that became a writer/blogger as a result of her obsessions. She is a wife, mommy, and owner of the successful marketing and PR agency Inform Ventures, with the beliefs that life is what you make of it, good taste has nothing to do with money, and that everyone is beautiful. Her motto: ‘Laugh hard, love harder’. Through her agency, Adryana Jade has produced fashion shows for independent designers and publicity projects for established brands like Lexus, Rodarte, Barney’s New York, and L.A.’s downtown museums. Through her blog, she’s able to express her unique style, insights, and inappropriateness on a daily basis.

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Amanda Berg

Amanda Berg

Amanda is a nearly 23 year old ginger kid living in Stockholm where she works as a fashion editor at a Swedish news portal. She sees herself more as a little boy and likes to dress accordingly, but with a girly twist. Her style has always been quite rock-influenced, perhaps because of her interest in music, but she always mixes her fascination with studs and leather with more seasonally appropriate clothing. She is also a bit obsessed with change, and loves trying out new shapes and colors when it comes to superficialities. When she’s not working with fashion, she DJ’s at clubs around Sweden, paints pictures and tries to do other activities she finds to be creatively stimulating.

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Angelica Blick

Angelica Blick

Angelica Blick is a 21 year old fashionista who lives in Stockholm, Sweden. Her passion for fashion has been a constant companion throughout her life and she loves everything involving fashion. Angelica runs one of Sweden’s most successful blogs focusing on fashion where you’ll find today’s outfits, beautiful photos and other trendy updates. She likes to have a lot of projects going on and has already designed a collection named Angelica Blick for NLY Trend. Angelica has won several blog awards both in Sweden and internationally.

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Karina De Jesus

Beach & Dress

Karina believes that the passion she has for fashion, languages, traveling, other cultures and people, and entrepreneurship is for a reason and that it is everyone’s duty to develop the talents given to them to the fullest. Many people have described her style as refreshing and edgy. Karina is not just a blind trend follower. On her blog she posts places she visits and is inspired by, outfits and DIYs and often inspirations from photography, music, short (fashion) films and words. She believes that what is on the inside shows on the outside so words are important part of this blog because they shape the inside.

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Cindy van der Heyden


Cindy van der Heyden is a 20-something year-old girl who lives in The Netherlands. Her blog COTTDS is about her personal style, her wardrobe and what inspires her, she is often described as stunning and charismatic. And yes, she and her style are rock chic, unique, funky, quirky as well as classic. She is obsessed with black, leather, designer shoes, smokey eyes and messy hair and that is exactly what you will find on this blog. This girl obviously has charisma, but what really catches our eyes are her unique photography and her great variety in moods. She is spellbinding, we hope you will like it on the dark side! They do have candy.

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Mike Madrid & Gabriel García


Cup of Couple are Mike Madrid, photographer and graphic designer, and Gabriel García, publicist and also graphic designer. One day between cups of tea and fashion magazines they decided to create Cup of Couple, a small window to show the world what they do and like. Nowadays you could say Cup of Couple is half diary and half portfolio. Mike and Gabriel share their experiences, journeys, looks and work and they try to give their images and videos the leading role. Thanks to Cup of Couple Mike and Gabriel can now say they are video makers too and they love it! For them Cup of Couple is more than a blog, it’s a part of who they are – a love for fashion that’s become a way of life.

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Camille Kaasby Wang


Clamour for Glamour is one of the largest fashion blogs in Denmark. Several thousand readers click their way into Camille’s web home each day. It was founded in July 2008, which makes it one of the first fashion blogs in Denmark as well.

The blog’s primary focus is fashion, but always with a personal angle and touch. You easily see Camille’s person shining through everything that finds its way onto the blog. If it’s the outfit of the day, a new purchase, designer focus, musical recommendations or everyday stories –there’s always a red line leading directly back to Camille.

This is probably why she won “Danish Fashion Blog of the Year” by the largest fashion magazine in Denmark “Costume” this year.

Besides blogging, Camille does some styling and designs. She designs charms for up-and-coming Danish Jeweller “byBiehl”, and is launching a jewellery line later this year –both in her own name. And other exiting projects are coming up!

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Ashley Tschudin

Cocktail Chic

Ashley Tschudin, known by the Twitter community as Cocktail Chic, never thought she would consider herself part of the fashion community; in fact, at age 13 with braces and blue-rimmed glasses she was an unlikely canidate to sit front row at any show, let alone a runway show. Unlike blogger Tavi Gevinson, who knew the meaning of style straight out of the womb, the fashion blogging community was not as prevalent when CC started as it is today. With social networking as this generation’s communication style of choice, Ashley Tschudin was able to turn a little dating column into a career; one that has led her from the Valley of Los Angeles to the city lights of New York, where she resides with her Chihuahua, Roscoe, today. It all started with one heart-crushing breakup and Cocktail Chic was born on an airplane somewhere between Oregon and California. Cocktail Chic, originally a dating and relationship column with a twist, comparing every day to a cocktail, started as a mere dear diary entry for author Ashley Tschudin to vent. Now, years (and many boyfriends) later, Cocktail Chic is an all-encompassing relationship, beauty, and lifestyle blog; an outlet no longer for venting, but for exploring and informing.

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Chantal van der Meijden


Chantal van der Meijden is the lovely creator of the blog cocorosa. She has a great love for fashion, styling and photography, and for the past five years she has been working as a stylist, freelance fashion designer and trend forecaster and art director for different companies in the U.S. as well as Europe. Having started her blog in New York city, she now travels back and forth between her native Holland and New York. Sauntering the streets with style that is romance mixed with a little bit of grunge, this smiling creature wants to be free as a galactic bird, and her blog cocorosa is where she collects and posts daily inspirations, style musings and outfits, and her science fiction love for Galactic Battle Stars and robotics. She sure likes to indulge herself in a dreamy world of silky pastels, tutu’s, glitters and bows but this urban fairy is not afraid to pair the pretty with the rough.

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Constance Victoria


Constance – Victoria is a fashion and photography blog created by Constance Victoria Phillips, a freelance Photographer from London. This Blog is full of creative and dreamy imagery as well as eclectic and quirky outfits, not to mention ever changing hairstyles and a huge amount of signature red lipstick!

Constance comes across as a fun and friendly character going about her everyday life in London and in the fashion and photographic world. With a mix of vintage, high street, second hand and designer fashion, this blog is both easy to relate to and beautiful to look at.

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Rubén Castilla de la Vega & Adriana del Rocio Perez Gonzales

Costra y Ampolla

Rubén and Rocio are two best friends from México, obsessed with fashion and no one beats them when it comes to having fun with clothes, style and dressing up. Besides presenting their personal outfits, they write about the things they love — music, vintage films and obviously fashion. They also have an acid and wicked sense of humor, their blog is called “Costra y Ampolla” which are the spanish words for scab and blister. Weird name for a fashion blog right?

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Cylia Tedjawirja


Cylia is 21 years old and lives in The Netherlands, loving and enjoying life as much as she can. She’s happily married and works as a Social Media Manager. To her it’s really important to stay true to yourself and wherever you go, don’t forget to put a smile on your face. She always tries to find the positive things in people and life, and her motto is to be in peace with the past, trust in the future and live in the now.

Her love for fashion started when she was about 8 years old and she started to discover the beauty of clothing. As she was busy making the coolest outfits to wear at school, there are three things the other kids would remember her by: pretty long hair, good drawing skills and being that girl who always dressed nicely. As she grew up, met new people, experienced new adventures and learned a lot of things, her style and love for fashion started to change and grow. Friends began asking her for clothing advice and she developed a love for fashion styling. Making new, exciting and awesome outfits gets her excited, and to Cylia fashion is more than just a beautiful dress or that one piece of jewerly you absolutely love; it’s a way of life. The fabric of clothing, the way its designed, the people behind it, the inspiration for a collection, the photography that comes with it all gives her butterflies in her stomach. Her blog is mainly focused on personal outfits and her take on life, fashion and love.

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Stacey Belko

Devore Le Beau Monstre

Stacey runs the blog Devore Le Beau Monstre, and she loves mixing soft femme & hard grunge pieces. She likes clothes and whiskey, she loves soft cats and hard drinks,  she likes her sandwiches cut diagonally and wishes it were still the 90′s. Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?

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Luisa Melo Tormenta

Fashion Breaker

Luisa is a fifteen years old girl living in Portugal. Her world is all about fashion, dance, friends, music. She has had her blog since November 2010, and it started because she had the need to share her fashion feeling with the world. She posts everything and anything from her own outfits, to favorite clothes, editorials, collections or streetstyle.

To Luisa, fashion is a way to express herself and her feelings through her outfits, and the areas of design, fashion and art are a source of fascination to her everyday, and she never grows tired of it. Right now she doesn’t feel like she can define her style, it is a mix of people with whom she can talk about fashion and style in a free way, people who have the same passion as she does as well, a mix of classic, rock and grunge. She usually says that she dresses different everyday. Her blog has become a big part of who she is, and as long as she can she will keep working on the blog to make it better everyday.

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Erika Marie

Fashion Chalet

Erika Marie is a Cuban/French/Spanish girl, running the blog Fashion Chalet since 2008 and combining it with photographing and modeling. She started blogging because of an initial passion to share her interests in fashion, music, food, movies and television, and in particular blogging has become an outlet for her to be able to express her love for fashion more in depth. To Erika Marie, clothing isn’t something you just wear, it’s a lifestyle and expression of who you are, and she is inspired by something new every single day.

This cyber-fashionista is sleeping, eating and living fashion in everything she does. Spend some time in her internet-presence and all your inhibitions will fade. Nothing holds her back from megalomanically high heels and together with an always very laidback glam attitude. She enjoys putting her own twist on trends and mixing in unexpected pieces. Her icons are Audrey Hepburn, the Olsens and Olivia Palermo. With over 22 000 followers on bloglovin’ she’s well on her way to being an icon herself.

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Ilanka Verhoeven

Fashion Nerdic

Ilanka is a 20-year old with a quirky smile, a creative girl from Rotterdam in the Netherlands who has fallen for fashion and literature. She says she’s too tall for her high heels, but she is always wearing them anyway, too handsome and too stylish for everyone else, she’s in her own world. And, as she puts it, she spends every Euro she earns on new clothes. Apart from that her favorite activites are writing and splashing colors on sheets. While she explores herself on the academy of fine arts she likes to take you upon the journey, always a fashion blogger with FashionNerdic, she also does freelancing and styling work.

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Nadia Sarwar


Nadia Sarwar runs the blog FrouuFrouu, where fashion and photography mix strangely well and make the voice and character of the story of a young genius. Apart from spreading stories of her daily reborn style, she is working freelance with photography. And she’s got a passion for alliteration. Imagine that!

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Enrico Vaccaro

Glamour Is What We Are

Enrico Vaccaro is a fashion blogger, actor and fashion journalist who dreams of a job as a fashion editor. His unique style refers to 1960’s glamour in French and Italian movies. Enrico still lives in the Italian allure of that period believing that “Glamour Is What We Are”.  He founded Glamour Is What We Are: a blog that examines trends and offers helpful advice to his readers. This is not the usual monothematic blog, since it contains all types of fashion blogging. Enrico calls his followers “Dreamers” because everyone deserves to dream, and he is one of the biggest daydreamers in the whole fashion system. Everyone can follow trends and fashion without spending a fortune, what’s really important is to always be elegant and alluring.

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Adam Gallagher



Adam Gallagher is a 20 year old free spirited Libra from Riverside California living in Los Angeles. With experience in modeling, styling and photography, his dreams of succeeding in the fashion industry are paramount. He’s been blogging since 2009 and holds the number 1 male spot on Loves cats, risk takers, the color burgundy, mac n cheese, chapstick and to inspire and be inspired.

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Olivia Lopez

I've Got a Lust for Life

The blog “Lust for Life” began as a sartorial spreadsheet for then 14-year old Los Angeles muse Olivia Lopez. Inspired by the musical likings of Iggy Pop, travel culture and high street fashion, Lust for Life peeks a glimpse into the Southern Californian’s daily musings, road trips across the U.S., and personal outfit posts. Lopez’s signature style is recognized everywhere from the streets of San Francisco to New York, for combining the versatility of high end, designer pieces with on-trend one of a kind vintage. By senior year the young ingenue has attracted international press by the dozen—appearing in publications as varied as Nylon Japan, Elle China, the London Evening Standard and Grazia Italy. The 18-year-old tastemaker has also developed a diverse portfolio, guest speaking at USC, licensing photos to Zara and Bershka, and consulting for LA’s famous boutique Kitson. An acclaimed “it-girl” by American Gold designer and Spanish Moss owner Suzanne Ford, she has appeared in the French swimsuit line Pain de Sucre campaign shot by Harper’s Bazaar photographer, Sylvie Malfray.

Olivia Lopez is currently a college student balancing her time between styling and modeling for her vintage shop called The Caravan, working as a stylist for Club Monaco and is flown all over the world for her career as a blogger. She is currently signed with Next Models Agency and is a full time college student. Lopez’s blog is a showcase for mixing serious style without compromising substance.

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Allegra Zerz

It's On With Allegra

In November 2009, Allegra felt ready to have her very own fashion diary, and so decided to not only read other people’s blogs and she launched the blog It’s On With Allegra. She’s no expert, not yet a journalist, she is a 19-year-old media student, writing about her daily inspirations and fashion from her point of view and taste. On the whole, she wants to use IOWA to share her passion for fashion, not only because fashion plays a big part in her everyday life, but also because she thinks it isn’t just a superficial and dull hobby — to Allegra fashion is self-expression, an entire language.

Allegra has already contributed to or been featured in (online) magazines (e.g., the Style Sample Magazine, Jolie, GLAMOUR, StyledOn, Frock&Roll and FASHIOLISTA) and became WhoWhatWear MySpace Muse of August 2009 and TeenVogue’s best dressed reader of the day, February 2, 2010.

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Michiel Steur

Jan Marcel

Michiel Steur is still in his teenage-years but he’s had a huge interest in fashion, interior design and photography since he was very young. His blog, Jan Marcel, is all about those interests, about his personal style, his wardrobe and his inspiration. His main interest has always been menswear, and that’s the thing he loves writing about the most! Michiel likes to keep it simple. His goal in every outfit is to combine all simple and clean items, and make those simple items look special together. Lately he has also visited a lot of events, such as Amsterdam Fashion Week, fashion shows, launches, store openings and many more. This is another thing you can read about at Jan Marcel. His blog is basically a diary out of a fashion eye. He only started his blog in September 2011, but it keeps on growing really fast, which he thinks is the most rewarding of having a blog: people appreciating your hard work.

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Lisa Dengler

Just another fashion blog

Meet Lisa Dengler, a shy girl with a crazy imagination, huge dreams, and even bigger expectations. After coming to the realization that life can only by controlled by oneself, she took it into her own hands and started to make her own dreams come true. First by creating an inspirational blog for others to relate to, then by starting her own business, and then by creating her very own weekly fashion magazine. She believes that life is what you make of it, so she tries to live every moment to the fullest. These moments are captured on just another fashion blog, alongside with all those things that inspire her, whether it be fashion related, or just a video about astronomy, or even just her favorite song. It may be called, just another fashion blog, but that’s the irony of it. Because it isn’t.

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Lily Melrose


LLYMLRS is a personal style blog written by Lily Melrose, a 20-year-old graphic and media design student from the UK. Staying true to own personal style, and not following the stereotype of a “typical” fashion blogger, she was able to carve her own niche in fashion blogging by writing a relatable, obtainable and realistic blog that appeals to the everyday fashion conscious girl on the street. Her trademark ombré hair adds to her signature look, and her eclectic style makes her the Joan of Arc in the harsh cold of fashion minimalism. Yes she wears black, but in a manner that leaves us craving more! You’ll generally find her on twitter talking about her day and talking about her passion for pro wrestling!

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Marin Daley Hawkins


Having worked as both a model and a journalist, 19 year old lifelong Londoner Marin Daley-Hawkins offers a unique perspective on all things fashion. She first appeared on the online scene using alias Marin Monroe, blogging about her life in the city. She has been writing for for almost three years and has seen it change from a single page blog to an established online authority on style in the capital.

A complete chameleon when it comes to choosing clothes, she is somewhat infamous for wanting to try everything on, but it’s all so she can tweet more honestly about her favourites. There are more words than outfit posts on Marin likes to let her  words do (most of) the talking so expect quality news stories and planned features with a fun helping of personality added via social media.

After appearing on BBC radio,writing for likes of Telegraph and I-D and being named as one of the 10 most influential fashion tweeters by The Independent, Marin’s next step is to conquer more areas of the industry with a series of video, styling and PR projects in the works…

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M’c Kenneth Licon

Little Fashionisto

In the realm of countless style bloggers, M’c Kenneth Licon stands out with his finely curated personal fashion diary LittleFashionisto.  Take it from us, do not under estimate this pint-sized blogger as he hurdles through the challenges of fitting into the fashion industry. Although he often scours kids sections when shopping and often has to do alterations himself, his sophisticated style has caught the eye of many followers and have inspired many — fashion comes in many different sizes, shape and form.

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Tesa Jurjasevic


This is Tesa from the fashion blog Magnifique. She is from the small country of Slovenia, and very proud to be a part of the Blogger’s Wardrobe community. When not blogging she loves to sit in her favourite coffee shop, hanging out with friends in the center of the city and observing the people that walk by which can be a great source of inspiration to her. Of course she loves shopping, watching movies, traveling and learning about new, different cultures. She also loves the history of art which is also one of her biggest inspirations.

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Marianna Mäkelä


Marianna is 21-year-old blogger living in Helsinki. She began blogging in 2006 and has become not only Finland’s but also one of northern Europe’s biggest fashion bloggers. Besides being a fashion addict, she loves traveling, photographing and writing. Her style is best described as trashy preppy, and there is not enough room for her airy style in Finland, so we hope the world is ready for her!

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Mariana Soares Branco

Miss Tangerine

Mariana is the 18 year old Portuguese blogger and Med student behind “Miss Tangerine”. The blog is a place where she shares her love for fashion: mainly outfits, some goodies and inspiration boards. Mariana defines her style as being elegant and simple – simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. She tends to wear basic outfits with a twist with lots of color in the summer and none at all in the winter. She almost I almost never accessorizes outfits with more than a few pieces and she has an uncontrollable love for lipstick and shoes. When not blogging Mariana spends her time studying (oh, the perks of being a Med student!), doing gymnastics, she loves anything sports related, and turning old boring clothes into new ones with her old sewing machine.

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Annemiek Kessels

Mode d'amour

Annemiek is a 21 year old girl from a small town in the south of The Netherlands and the beauty and brains behind fashion blog Mode D’Amour for almost four years now. She is enormously gifted and with an innovative style, fashion is her biggest passion and she spends most of her time on fashion-related things including the blog. She is also a student at the fashion academy in Amsterdam, studying to become an allround stylist with the ultimate goal to work in the fashion industry and live in Paris.

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Jenny Ong

Neon Blush

Jenny from the Block is a refreshing journal that takes her native Californian flair on photogenic adventures. She spices up her grad-student lifestyle with gastronomic escapades, Laker games, and concerts, all while still rocking her personal style. She even takes us to this secret spot hidden in the backyard of Orange County; a product of her knack for exploring. Plus, did we mention she has a really cute dog?

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Park & Cube

Shini is a graphic design student, webdesigner and fashion blogger living in London with a great photographic eye and an admirable insight in the fashion business. She is an innovative diy stylista, and all around inspirational and lovely person. Through her wonderfully vivid and sometimes comical posts, she brings us into her daily adventures, and gives us snippets of her taste, keen eye, and well–rounded creativity.

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Medine Pop

Pret A Protester


With love from Bucharest, this is Medine — actually her name is Medina, but everybody calls her Medine and she likes it! She started her blog in 2009 and at first her blog was all about “cool-hunting” posts, until she decided to focus more on the real thing – the fashion scene that happens all around her. She claims she is not a trend-setter, nor a fashion icon as she isn’t that kind of fashion-blogger. If she was to have a “fashionista” etiquette, she wants it to be reflected in her passions and concerns, not necessarily in the way she looks or dresses because she never respects dress codes or follows trends. Even though she writes a lot about fashion, she’s so not-obsessed with it, and she is not your typical popular girl you get to see everywhere. If there is anything typically “cool” about her, you will find it in Pret-A-Protester.

The blog is actually a very intimate and personal space of hers, it’s all about her, the events she attends, the people she likes, the fashion she consumes, her wish-lists and fashion obsessions, her opinions, pictures, her “second-home” city Paris and  her “I-want-to-leave-this-place” city – Bucharest. She loves pastels, long hair, tanned skin, almond aroma, jelly shoes, Tuilleries gardens, studs and surrealist art, French food, French music, French landscapes and everything French. When not blogging, she works with doing P.R. for the Parisian brand Manoush in Romania, and she loves the interaction between blogging and fashion P.R.

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Kate Nutting

Pretty dresses int he laundry

Kate is 16 years old and from Brisbane, Australia and runs the fashion blog, Pretty Dresses in the Laundry. PDITL is a culmination of fashion editorials, her personal style, interviews with those working in the fashion industry, her own street style photographs and fashion inspired collages she designs herself. She loves to chronicle her outfits, post by post and fill in her readers on the latest in the fashion industry.

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Weronika Zalazinska

Raspberry and Red

Weronika is a 16 year old Polish girl musing through Cracow, Poland. She was recently featured in Teen Vogue in a praise to her casual and charming style. She describes herself as a jazz, Burberry, Chloe, Valentino and Audrey Hepburn lover, and a dedicated fan of the 50s and 60s. She has recently been featured in ELLE Poland, Viva!Moda, Vogue Girl Korea and Teen Vogue, and her biggest dream is to live, work and study in New York. Or Paris. Or London.


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Bethany Struble

Snakes Nest

Bethany Struble is a 19 year old blogger from Los Angeles, California. Her blog is a combination of her day to day outfits and her personal photography. Her life is an open book, as she likes to say. And her story is unique. She’s a lover of live and an inspiration to many.

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Eszter Farkas


She’s back! Eszter, the enigmatic blogger hailing from Vienna, Austria, is back from her blogging sabbatical with a vengeance, delivering ferocious-as-ever self-styled looks to her tremendous fashion blog, Stylorectic. Not afraid to push photographic and fashion boundaries, Stylorectic has become an inspiration—not just to her healthy band of readers, but to fashion bloggers far and wide. A self-proclaimed “lipstick tomboy”, she couldn’t have described herself better; juxtaposing ripped tights and metal details with babydoll lace dresses, she creates an intoxicatingly-fresh and provocative look.

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Izzy Tuason

The Dandy Project

One of the most interesting male bloggers today, Izzy Tuason is a self-described ad man, publicist, menswear blogger, yogi, poet, foodie. The Dandy Project is about menswear with focus on do-it-yourself projects, up-and-coming designers, and Filipino bespoke tailoring.

To Izzy, being dandy isn’t as ancient or stuffy as it might seem, in The Dandy Project you’ll find lots of talk about menswear with focus on do-it-yourself projects, up-and-coming designers, and Filipino bespoke tailoring, a dash of film, music, and pop culture, and a healthy dose of the thought processes behind that go behind clothing and dressing up.

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Jamie Chen

The Fancy Teacup

Jamie is from the United States and loves to chronicle her style pursuits, travel destinations, and love for photography on The Fancy Teacup. Her posts are like excerpts from a novel to be read by her audience as if they were in a faraway coffee house. Her readers can’t wait to have a sip again from The Fancy Teacup each time they read her blog.

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Daisy Ricks

The Mandarine Girl

Daisy is a 23 year old girl from Germany with a huge affection for fashion and interior design. The favourite pieces of furniture in her flat are a white quilted lacquer cupboard in the form of a suitcase and her baroque dresser in zebra. She is definitely digging a mixture of baroque and modern elements, especially mirrored things. Daisy’s working in real estates and living with her boyfriend Ninos (he’s also the photographer for her blog) and their two cats. When it comes to fashion she’s absolutely mad about studded things, metallic heels and backless clothes. To get relaxed after a day of shooting for the blog she loves listening to minimal electronic music or chill out, drinking lots of good wine and taking bubble baths in her favourite bath additive – peach fragranced with tiny sparks of glitter.

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The Stylish Wanderer

Minnie started her personal style blog The Stylish Wanderer at the mere age of 12 when she was living in Oregon. Now 16 and living in Los Angeles, she’s traveled to New York Fashion week and sat front row at designer’s shows, interned at prestigious denim companies, been featured in magazines around the world like Teen Vogue and Elle Greece, starred in a national commercial, launched a Forever 21 campaign and is an ongoing model at American Apparel, all while attending school. She mixes vintage with basics and enjoys statement making pieces like sequin jackets and floor length 30s dresses. Her style is an eclectic mix of whatever catches her fancy and suits her body, making her a true purveyor of style.

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Ulrikke Lund

Ulrikke Lund

Ulrikke has been writing about fashion and makeup for over 5 years, and have about 40 000 daily readers. It all started as fun, but has turned out as a fun full time job where Ulrikke gets to share her passion, and work with all her favorite brands. She lives in Bergen, but travels a lot – her favorite cities are New York and Paris.

On Ulrikke’s blog you can check out her outfits, inspirations and weekly must-haves.

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Danielle Bernstein


Danielle Bernstein is a New York City native, major league thriftier, and true entrepreneur. September 2011 she began photographing street style on campus at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she attends school. The street style blog quickly grew and so did Danielle’s klout throughout the fashion industry. Taking a new direction after Fall New York Fashion Week 11′, WE WORE WHAT began focusing on Danielle’s personal style. “I aim to provide me readers with a daily lookbook of outfit inspiration,” she says, always looking to her followers for support and advice. When not blogging, Danielle is taking advantage of everything the city has to offer. Whether it’s vintage shopping in Brooklyn, trips to the MET, or out and about the nightlife scene, she’s always keeping busy. The fashion blogger has taken leaps towards her career goals the way bargain shoppers do at a sample sale. 

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Carrie Harwood


Carrie Harwood is 21 years old and moved to London from Somerset about two years ago, if you fancy going out vintage hunting or even for a slice of cake, she’s the one for you. She is the girl that always cut off her grandmas long dresses but kept the lace. She sends eerie vibes of a british 50′s countryhouse-lady to her readers, although she is not much of a tea-sipper. This oxymoron has been twisting and shouting on the venue with a cute vintage inspired style for not so long, but has nonetheless collected an impressive mass of readers. WishWishWish contains her personal musings and opinions on things that matter to her, whether that be fashion, style, design, people and places. We look forward to all this and more!

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